Karen Cooper Is Candidate For 1st Dist. School Board

Karen Cooper has announced that she will be a candidate for the office of School Board Member in the First District, and issued the following statement:

“Hi! I am Karen Cooper, running for School Board Member in the First District.  I have had the opportunity to serve the county in the position of Second District School Board Member for many years.  Recently I moved to town to be able to be closer to my parents, Leonard and Betty Bilbrey, and am so grateful I had the opportunity to do so before Dad passed away.

I am proud to be a part of the school system’s growth over the past several years — growth that includes being awarded status as an exemplary school system for the State of Tennessee!  This accomplishment is truly amazing!  We have come so far and surely do have the bility to excel.  Our children continue to be the main resource for betterment of our county, which makes their education vital.

Our school system has proven we are dedicated to this happening.  We have a community of leaders in our school system, all focusing on the best happenings for our children.  Educating as a profession has changed so much in just the last few years and our teachers, along with all of the staff have proven again and again how dedicated and committed they are to be the best they can be.

It is very important to me to ensure our children are able to read and be able to function as adults in society.  I have two grandchildren who live with me and I will ensure they have every opportunity for education and growth as well as all of the children in Fentress County.

I am requesting your support and vote in the August 2nd General Election.”

Thank you very much,

               Karen Cooper