Jo Blevins Is Candidate For Road Supervisor

Jo Blevins announced this week that she will be a candidate for the office of Fentress County Road Supervisor in the upcoming August Election, and issued the following statement.

“Hi, I’m Jo Blevins and I’m running for the office of Road Supervisor of Fentress County.  I’m a life long resident of Fentress County.  I was raised in Wilder TN, my parents were the late Edd and Willie Crisp, and I’ve been married to Butch Blevins for 30 years.

We have one beautiful daughter, Isabella, who is a sophomore at York Institute.  I have one step-son, Josh, who is an engineer living in Knoxville, and one stepdaughter, who is the mother of four beautiful children.

It would be my pleasure to work for you as your Road Supervisor, and I’m asking for your vote and support in this year’s general election.

I worked at the Highway Department for 10 years and I know this is not a 9 to 5 job, but a 24-7 job.  When elected, I’ll bring strong work ethics and new ideas to Fentress County and get the Highway Department back on track.

Thank you for your vote and support.        

     Jo Blevins