Jesus Rocks Ministry Report


Praise God and Thank Ye Jesus fer another awesome start on another Journey. We, (My Jesus and Me) are in Kingston, TN with Vicky, Cody and Kelley Scroggins, Jesus. Rocking this place and loving it. They are our new helpers in this Ministry and doing a fine job. Thank Jesus fer you’ons.

We are getting a Jesus Rock Bus load of beautiful hand painted Scripture Stones ready fer Our Journey to Hunting Island, S.C. My Jesus and me is fixin’ to flush ole Eugene out in the sea of Forgetfulness and We are coming back as Nugene Screaming Jesus.

After Jesus Rocking that place, We are going to Atlanta, Georgia to meet with Charles Stanley and tell him and all of his listeners and all of you’ons to get some rocks and write Jesus on ‘em and give ‘em to somebody and in doin’ so ye will be givin’ the Greatest Gift that ye can give (Jesus on a Rock!)  then the choice is theirs, Amen? Then Let’s Do It!

We are on a mission to lead People to Jesus and to get a posse started and together let’s Jesus Rock the Hell out of this dope problem. I want my family back, don’t you? Then Let’s do it! Amen? Jesus is the only Hope we’ve got and He has already done His part, so, let’s do Ours and if ye don’t, I’ll tell Jesus on ye and I could be your worst nite-mare. Can ye imaging almost getting to sleep and my face pop up that scares me! That’s why I’m up most of the night writing Jesus on Rocks.

O yes, that was an awesome trip to Nashville to see the film they did on the 127 sale. I got on a wrong road and this feller passed and gave a thumbs up on the bus so I caught up with him and hollered ‘where’s Green Hills?’ He hollered back and said ‘pull over’- so we did and led him to Jesus which is the Greatest Miracle on Earth to lead a lost person to Jesus so why haint you doin’ it?

P.S. If anybody has an Apple laptop they could donate to the ministry, it would be greatly appreciated and as always keep me in yer Prayer ‘cause ye are always in mine.

Oh! P.S.S! Don’t forget to look up Jesus Rock Ministry page and “Like” it.

I love ye. A Servant of Jesus,

Nugene Hensley