Jesus Rocks Ministry Report

Jesus Rock IMG_7693Praise God and Thank ye Jesus for the start of another brand new year in You, our precious Holy Jesus and please help us all together to make this the best year yet for Thy sake, honor and glory. We, My Jesus & me, have already had an awesome day at Wal-Mart parking lot this last Saturday. Thanks to each and every person that came by and said hi, and took some stones with you, and I do praise God and thank Jesus for each & every person that has helped support this ministry: Thank you. If you have ever received a stone of any kind from my Jesus and me, you are a part of this ministry, so then the only thing, you need to do is simply share Jesus. Amen? Now being that the weather is so unpredictable, it’s hard to say when we’ll be at Wal-Mart, so there will be stones at business places all over the place from the 4-Way at Clarkrange to Forbus, but the greatest selection will be in front of MJ’s Furniture, right off East Main Street in Jmestown, TN. If ye have a special request, leave it and your name & number and we will get it fixed and back to you. Always remember–Rocks are not for sale, but a donation of any kind would be greatly appreciated to help in this ministry. Jesus works people even if ye have to give Him to somebody on a rock! Now, fer you folks that’s been wanting to hear me speak, well, here’s your chance. My Jesus & me will be speaking at the Little Charity Church in Oneida, this Sunday morning and possibly that night and there will be a singing Sunday night. For information go to FaceBook and get on yer page and punch in Jesus Rock Minsitry & you are there. Press like and check out thousands of pictures, church at Wal-Mart, music videos and lots more. If we have ever taken a picture of you, you’ll be right there. And keep watching fer the best is yet to come!! Stop by MJ’s and check out the stones and get you one. There’s also a pickup truck load of smaller stones to write Jesus on both sides of. We went to Smyrna, TN Monday and got a load and brought back for you, your children and your grandchildren to write Jesus on. If you don’t, I will tell Jesus on you, and after that third night of seeing me in your dreams you will do something. So to keep that from happening, go to MJ’s and get a bucket full of rocks and together, people, Let Jesus Rock the World, starting first right here in Jamestown, TN. Amen? Please, people, if ye can hslp support this ministry or if you want to get involved in any way, please contact: Jesus Rock Ministry c/o Eugene Hensley P.O. Box 1361 Jamestown, TN 38556 Keep us in your prayers, ‘cause ye are always in ours. I LOVE YOU ALL From a Servant of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Eugene Hensley