Jesus Rocks Ministry Report

Jesus Rock MinistryPraise God and Thank you, Jesus fer another awesome journey to Burksville, KY at the Cumberland River Bluegrass Festival. We (My Jesus and me & Jobby, the talking bird) took a whole bus load of Scripture Stones on Friday, September 19. Thank Jesus, our spot was ready and waiting for us. It took all evening to ge unloaded, meeting old friends and new, which told their friends, and by Saturday evening, folks, we were having Revival at the corner of the park with sweet Bluegrass music playing in the background. Several people were born again into the death, burial, and resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and bunches , both young and old, rededicated their lives to Jesus. People, there aint no greater miracle on earth than to lead the lost person to Jesus, are there? This week, starting on October 2 to 4, we will be at Byrdstown at the Roller Coaster Yard Sale across from the ambulance place on Highway 111. Come by and say hello and get a Jesus Rock to set in front of your place. Then after this set up, My Jesus and me are going to Alabama to find and get a truck load of small (Jesus Seeds) rocks to write Jesus on ‘em and put ‘em in Christmas Shoe Boxes this year. Amen! Ger half baggies and put at least 12 and one red one in ‘em and a little note: “Jesus Seeds. Keep one fer yourself and give the others away.” That’s how ye train disciples, ain’t it. My Jesus and me will get a huge truck load of these pretty little stones brought here and we have a place to unload ‘em and anybody and everybody that will can get a bucket or a tub of ‘em and start writing Jesus on ‘em and sending them away, and what greater gift could we give than Jesus – on a Rock? Jesus says in Mark 16:15 “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” People, what better way to share the Gospel of our Lord Jesus than to give or send somebody a Jesus Rock? Then the choice is their’s. The message is Jesus: Either ye have got him or ye ain’t, and if ye ain’t, all ye have to do is ask – Jesus. Check us out on FaceBook. Bunches of pictures. Keep me always in your prayers, cause ye are always in mine. I love you. From a Servant of our Lord Jesus Christ, Eugene Hensley