Jesus Is The Rock Ministries Report

By Eugene Hensley

Praise God and Thank Ye, Jesus for the another awesome journey right here at home.  We (My Jesus and me) was at Wal-Mart parking lot on November 7-8.  Met bunches of people on Friday and on Saturday a freelance photographer and visitor Rishaye Daley spent all day taking pictures and videoing.  So check us out on Facebook and see Church at Wal-Mart.

A special thanks to everyone that came by and took some stones with ye and for all your help and support to our ministry.  My Jesus and me went to the Rock Place in Smyrna, TN and got a pickup truck load of small Jesus Seeds and they are at two locations:  Jamestown Auto Supply on North Main Street and Penny’s Produce on South Main Street in Jamestown.  All they need is for YOU to stop by and get a bowl or a bucket full and write Jesus on ‘em and put ‘em in shoe boxes fer Christmas this year.  “Please, People!”  Let us come together on this and put the Greatest Gift of All — Jesus, in them boxes, OK!.  Please.  Get at least 12 stones, write Jesus on ‘em and put one red one for the one drop of blood he shed for we in a 1/2 baggie and a note saying:  Jesus Seeds.  Keep one and the red one for yourself and give the others away.  That child will not only get a gift, but will get the Greatest Gift of All — Jesus and will have 11 others to hand out to friends.

People, that’s how ye train disciples, ain’t it?  So let’s do it and together we can Jesus Rock the World, Amen???  And if ye don’t, I’m a telling Jesus on ye.  After that third night having me in yer dreams, ye’ll be at Wal-Mart at 2 o’clock in the mornign finding anybody to give a Jesus Seed to.

Folks, I’m plum serious about this:  Jesus in the Message:  Either ye have got Him, or ye ain’t, and ye know it.  If ye have Jesus living within he, start acting like it, Amen!.  If ye ain’t got Jesus, why Not?  All ye need to do is ask Jesus to forgive your sins, come into your heart and make a new creation in ye, and he will, and yer life will never be the same ‘cause ye will have yer very own personal Jesus living within you.

People, that’s where Jesus is at. Mine is right here within me, where’s yours? We are the hands and feet of Jesus, so it’s about time fer us to start acting like it!  And ye can start by getting some of these small stones, write Jesus on them, and get those Christmas boxes full of Jesus Seeds.  Please Help.

To all ye that have a Scripture Stone or more in yer yard or business place or church, Praise God and Thank Jesus fer everyone of you.  Thank ye fer helping spread the Word.  If ye have had yer stone for over 6 months, ye need to spray it with clear phlyurethane of brush it on to help preserve it.  If yer stone is fading, get a paint pen and redo it, or see me and we will.  And to those of ye that have stones, take a picture of it and tag it on to Facebook and maybe it will be on the upcoming music video that is in the process of being made.  It will be a picture slide show, so if I’ve taken a picture of ye in the last 6 months ye will be in it, so keep watching.

JRIMG_4090We will be at Wal-Mart parking lot December 5 & 6, weather permitting.

Please people, get ye some rocks, write Jesus on ‘em and let’s give Jesus fer Christmas this year “On A Rock.”

Rocks are not for sale, but a donation of any kind would be greatly appreciated to help in this, our ministry.  Please send donations to Eugene Hensley, P.O. Box 1361, Jamestown, Tennessee.

Keep me in your prayers ‘cause you are always in mine.

I love you all.

A servant of our Lord Jesus Christ.

        Eugene Hensley