Jesus Is The Rock Ministries Report


By Eugene Hensley

Praise God and Thank Ye Jesus fer blessing us with another Jesus Rock Mobile (bus). A special thanks to Jack Baker for his contribution to this ministry and to all of you’ns that are helping in any way to spread the Words of Jesus on Rocks or any other way. This Saturday, April 2, we’ll have our traveling home loaded with Scripture Stones and Jesus Seeds at Wal-Mart and Hippie Jack is going to bring his bus (not with Jesus Rocks) but with his camera crew and spend the day with us filming. Ye have got to meet Hippie Jack. He is an awesome dude and his crew is too. So all ya’ll come and be on TV with us. That way, instead of us watching the Duck People on our TVs, they can watch us on theirs. That’s an awesome thought, aint it? In the very near future, Hippie is going with us to all our little (seeds) Jesus Rock writers at their homes and let them tell their own testimony of how Jesus has and is changing their lives. We’re looking forward to that. Then on April 16, Joby and I will be on stage for the first time together at Hippie Jack’s. So come down there and let’s see what happens. Ye can check him out at Jammin at Come and join in on all the fun we are going to have at Wal-Mart this Saturday. See ye there then, and see ye on TV later. Again, a very special thanks to all that are helping in this, our ministry, and to Bill & Betty and all the crew at Fentress Courier fer keeping yo’uns informed on what’s going on in the Jesus Rock World. We love ye all. Jesus says in Luke 19, v 40: “If these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.” The only thing in this world that is keeping you from doing what we are doing is you. What are ye waiting for? Keep us in your prayers, cause ye are always in ours. See ye at Wal-Mart. From a servant of Jesus Christ. Eugene Hensley