Jesus Is the Rock Ministries Report

By Eugene Hensley Praise God and Thank You Jesus for us being here at home where we belong in these beautiful Jamestown Tennessee mountains. We just don’t know how much we are blessed to be right here, Amen? That trip to Louisiana was the last trip fer the Jesus Rock Mobile (the bus). I kept praying, “Lord Jesus, please let us make it back to the bunkhouse safe,” and He did and I thanked Him. A couple of days later I started it up and the motor blowed (smoke went everywhere), so we’re using what’s left of O Paul Allen (the truck) to keep on spreading The Words of Jesus on Rocks. We (my Jesus, Joby & me went deep sea fishing July 3, 4, and 5 at Wal-Mart parking lot here in town and on Friday, Katlynn, a young mother of two, gave her heart to Jesus, and people, the moment she gave her heart to Jesus (we were holding her hands), we felt Jesus and it was raining liquid Sonshine. It was the most beautiful rain I’d ever seen. It was like streaks of rainbows and we said, “Do you see that? and she said “yes.” We said “Do you know what just happened? She said “no”; we said”Jesus Christ Himself has just came into yer heart to be with you forever.” “wow!” she said. “I’m going to tell my husband” and she did. Praise God and thank Jesus! Cody gave his heart to Jesus the next day, July 4th. What a way to celebrate the 4th!!!. Thank ye, Jesus fer two more Jesus Rick writing kids to join in on the Jesus Rock Train to Jesus Rock the World! Starting right here in good old Jamestown, TN, folks, the greatest miracle on earth right now is to lead that lost person to Jesus. Then tell that brand new, born-again person to get a bucket and go to MJ Furniture and get some rocks and write the name Jesus on both sides and start giving ‘em away. (Give at least 2 and say “just keep one.”) People, the message is so plain and simple that ye can teach a 3-year-old child how to write Jesus on both sides of a rock and teach that child to do what we are supposed to do — reach out and give it to somebody. In so doing, ye will have taught that child the Greatest Gift he or she will ever know — Jesus and the Gift of Giving! So Let’s Do It People!! We are at the very edge of eternity. All it’s going to take is when this computer system shuts down: That’s It!. In 24 hours this whole country will be in a blood war with each other. Read your Bible, Folks. The end is Here. We have got this one last chance to get the name Jesus out to a lost and dying country, or else His Judgement is fixing to come down and scorch Hell out of this place, and ye know it. Same sex marriage, legal in 50 states, legal abortion (premeditated murder), and the talks of taking down the Red, White and Blue down and replacing it with the rainbow flag. Folks, we are in a whole lot of trouble and there ain’t but one hope, and that’s Jesus! Jesus says in John 3, verse 3: “Ye must be born again. Have you been born again? Ye know it if ye have and ye know it if ye aint, Amen? If ye have been born again into the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Chirst, start acting like it and if ye ain’t, why not? All ye need to do is ASK and it shall be given thee. Please ask Jesus into yer heart, please. Did ye see that blood moon June 30? There’s one more coming this October. That’s the Harvest Moon. Folks, I’m not setting a time or date, but I do believe with all my heart we have got a short time to get the name Jesus out or His Judgement is coming down. Please Don’t be Left Behind; Please give yer heart to Jesus. Please, Folks. The 127 Sale Revival is quickly approaching, and We (My Jesus and me) need your help. My worst nightmare for the last 10 years has been paint pens, varnish, gas for the ole truck, and keep O Paul Allen (truck) going and he’s just about wore plum out. Only Jesus Himeslf knows how many thousands of pounds of Rocks and miles this ole truck has hauled and went. We need the use of a good truck that ye don’t care to have the name Jesus wrote on it and His Smiling Face (keep it in your name). We’ll pay insurance and everything else that’s needed. We just need transportation and help with paint, pens, and varnish. We are going to Smyrna this week to get a truck load of Jesus Seeds to write Jesus on and will unload ‘em in front of MJ’s Furniture, East Main Street, Jamestown. There will be several Scripture Stones to chooe from. (Rocks are not fer sale, but a donation of any kind would be greatly appreciated to help in this ministry.) Donations or requests may be mailed to Jesus Rock Ministries, c/o Eugene Hensley at 199 Montie Lane, Jamestown, TN 38556, or can be left at MJ’s Furniture. People, We (I) don’t want nothing that ye have got. Those of ye that know me knows I would give ye my last breath in one hand and my last heartbeat in the other with a Jesus smile all over my face if I could and to go home to be with My Jesus, but I can’t, so until that time comes folks, let’s get busy planting Jesus Seeds. We are going to challenge each and every person that reads or even hears about this message to (If nothing else, go to MJ’s, get ye some rocks, write the name Jesus on both sides and give ‘em to somebody.) If ye are going to be setting up at the 127 Sale, have ye a bowl of Jesus Seeds sitting there somewhere fer people to take if they want to. The choice is theirs. Amen? Let’s do our part and if ye don’t I will tell Jesus on ye, and don’t be surprised if I see ye in yer dreams. We will be set up at the same place fer the last 5 years where old 127 runs into the Bypass. There will be singing that week end and a whole bunch of good stuff and Jesus rocks all over the place. Come by and say hi and get ye some Jesus Rocks and together, we can Jesus Rock the World. P.S. Ye have a stone that has faded or peeled? go to MJ’s or some other place and get ye another. Please keep us in your prayers ‘cause you are always in ours. We love you all. From a servant of our Lord Jesus Christ. Eugene Hensley