Jamestown Water Plant Has Back-to-Back State Wins!

Pictured above from left to right are Steve McCoy, City of Jamestown Public Works Director, Janey Ramsey, Jamestown Water Plant Supervisor Chris Ramsey, Mayor Lyndon Baines, and TAUD President Pat Riley. The picture was taken at the Tennessee Association of Utility Districts State Competition held last week in Gatlinburg. Jamestown Water won the contest, bringing the Best Tasting Water in Tennessee Title back to the plateau for the second consecutive year.

By Jacob E. Rosenbaum

Jamestown Water has won the Tennessee Association of Utility Districts Best Tasting Water in Tennessee competition for the second year in a row.

The win was announced on Thursday, August 8, shortly after the leadership of the water department accepted the top honors in Gatlinburg.

“I think it just goes to show that all the people at the water plant are doing what needs to be done to offer an excellent product,” said Jamestown Mayor Lyndon Baines. “They are making sure the water is clean, and that it adheres to the highest standards. As always, we are very proud of them and the work they do.”

After winning the State title last year, Jamestown Water advanced to the national competition held in February of this year, where it placed sixth out of all 50 states.

Shortly after returning from the national competition, Jamestown won the TAUD Region IV competition for the second consecutive year, giving Jamestown its 3rd regional win in the last five years.

Now, Jamestown Water has once again clenched the state title for the second consecutive year, a feat that has been seldom achieved.

“We were told that this has only happened maybe twice before in this competition, and that its been a very long time since it happened last,” said Baines, who said that the competition had been extremely tough. Before Jamestown Water’s sample was judged, two districts were tied for first place with a score of 99 out of 100. Jamestown’s sample then managed to merit a perfect 100/100 score in order to take the top spot.

Winning the State competition for the second year in a row is arguably twice as prestigious as the first win. Not only is the water plant producing a high quality product, it is also producing a very consistent product, capable of winning competitions in multiple years.

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