Jamestown Council Votes Mayor’s Position as Full Time, Sets Salaries for Mayor & Council

After failing  on Monday night to pass Ordinance 1670, establishing the Mayor’s position as full time and setting salaries for city officials to be elected in the November Election, the Council reconvened on Tuesday, July 12 to again discuss this matter.

After the recessed meeting was called to order by Mayor Ryan Smith, former Mayor/ Councilman Bob Bow asked what was the cost of the new computers and software, which Mayor Smith said it was $33,000 for software and $4,000 for new computers, which they got through a prebid process (NJBA) which gets bids for cities.

Next,  Ordinance 1670 was brought back before the council.  This ordinance deals with salaries for elected and appointed officials.

Councilwoman Vaneesa Matthews made a motion to approve Ordinance 1670.  She stated the reasons was there was too much volunteer work going on, that she did not think city officials were being paid enough, that the city needed qualified leadership, and this would get more qualified candidates for Mayor and Alderman.  She also said she would like to add to the ordinance that a minimum of 32 hours are required each week.

City Attorney Baley Allred said he felt this might create a legal concern to require a set number of hours per week, after which Mrs. Matthews amended her motion to read: “so long as average commitment to city work totals 32 hours per week effective December 1st, when the new Mayor and council take office. Full story available in the Fentress Courier this week.