Jamestown Council Meeting Held Monday, October 7th

In recognition of the services they provide to enhance health, relieve pain, and injury prevention, the Jamestown City Council issued a proclamation in their Monday night meeting designating the month of October as “National Chiropractic Month.” Shown above is Jamestown Mayor Darlene Monday Davis presenting Dr. William Allen, DC, of Jamestown Chiropractic with a copy of the proclamation.

The Jamestown City Council met in its regular monthly session on Monday, October 9th. After the call to order by Mayor Darlene Monday Davis, City Recorder Gail Dishmon called the roll, with all council members being present. Recorder Dishmon then read the minutes of the Council’s September meeting. After a motion to approve the minutes, made by Charles Cooper and seconded by Lyndon Baines, the minutes were unanimously approved.

The Council then opened up the floor for concerns or grievances from citizens, of which there were none. Mayor Davis then reported to the Council that Friday Night Bluegrass would be resuming, beginning Friday, October the 13th at the Jamestown Community Center and will continue until April of 2018.

Mayor Davis then informed the Council that Jamestown had received a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) from the State in the amount of $525,000 to continue to improve its sewer system. Only 38% of communities in the state of Tennessee manage to receive such a grant each year.

Mayor Davis then asked City Superintendent Steve McCoy to comment on the status of the improvement projects at the Community Center and Jamestown Airport. “The roof at the community center should have been finished up today, and all of the hangars at the airport have been fixed, so everything is good to go at the airport as of right now.”

Davis then asked Tom Bennett, City Engineer, to address the Council regarding the CDBG grant.  Bennett said:  “This grant is a continuation of the effort was started last year which is the rehabilitation of the sewers in the downtown corridor. This project at this point is subject to some change based on design and approval but it will generally encompass work within the downtown area, and hopefully a lot of this work will be able to be done without a lot of disturbance to the community. Concerning other projects, I am finalizing the plans regarding the grinder project for the sewer system. The gas project is making good progress and I am working with TDOT on two projects regarding the relocation of Jamestown gas facilities as it relates to the Highway 127 project. This project has been in progress for a number of years now, and is picking up steam and I will keep the Council informed as it continues to develop.”

Mayor Davis then called upon the City Building Inspector, Bob Lane, for an update. Mr. Lane stated that new Farmers Furniture is not open yet but are beginning to stock inventory in preparation for a grand opening. “We are looking into grants for the rehabilitation of about five homes in Jamestown and the improvements on the Beaty Apartments have been completed,” he added. Mr. Lane also said that “something good” was coming to Jamestown, but refrained from details saying he would update the Council at a later date.

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