Jamestown Council Approves Hiring of Chris Martin As City Police Officer

The Jamestown City Council met in a special called session on Tuesday, August 29 for the purpose of conducting interviews to fill a vacancy in the police department.

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Darlene Monday Davis, followed by the roll call which saw all council members present.

Jamestown Police Chief Ken Hancock then began the interview process with four candidates who had made application for the position.

The applicants included Steve Taylor, Chris Martin, Chris Ferguson, and Stephanie Ferguson.

During the interview process, each candidate was asked a series of questions, about the applicants, qualifications, why they wanted to be a police officer, their goals, if they were currently employed as a police officer, and if not, why did they leave their last job.

All four candidates were graduates of the Police Acadmemy, and three of the four are currently still involved in law enforcement.

Following the interview process, Police Chief Hancock said he would recommend Chris Martin for the position.

Chief Hancock had made this same recommendation in the regular council meeting earlier this month, but his recommendation failed on a vote by the council at that time.

Mayor Davis opened the floor up for discussion, and Elizabeth Pendergrass made a motion to follow Chief Hancock’s recommendation and hire Mr. Martin to fill the vacancy, and her motion was seconded by Becky Duncan and passed with all five council members voting for.

The meeting then adjourned.