Jamestown City Council Meets in Routine Session

The Jamestown City Council met in regular session on Monday, September 9 with all members present except Elizabeth Pendergrass.

Following the call to order, Mayor Lyndon Baines  issued a statement that he wanted to make it clear that the City was not negotiating to sell the water plant.  “There have been a lot of comments on some news media and on social media that we are still negotiating the sale of the water plant.  That is wrong.  Nothing has been done.  I want to make it clear that there is no plan to sell the water plant, and I want to put this rumor to rest.”

Next, the board approved the minutes of the August meeting  on a motion by Jeni Ledbetter, seconded by Becky Duncan.

Mayor Baines then reported that  he had been to a meeting concerning the construction of the splash pad at the Com-munity Center which should begin soon, and would be meeting with FAA officials on Sept. 12  to finalize the contract for the Airport renovation.  He further reported that he would be attending a government training seminar October 4 to hopefully obtain a grant to assist Jamestown in the development of the down-town district.

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