Jamestown City Council Meeting Held August 11

The Jamestown City Council met Monday, August 11 in a rather brief session.

With all members present except Ed Brady, the meeting was called to order by Mayor Ryan Smith.

Gene Holt made a motion which was seconded by Charles Cooper and passed, to approve the minutes of the previous session.

City Engineer Tom Bennett then gave an update on several projects underway, reporting that work was progressing well at the wastewater treatment plant, and that work was about 60% done, that everything was on schedule and moving forward with no major issues.

He also reported that the project to replace the generator at the Jamestown Community Center was progressing, and they should receive the state permits soon, after which the project should be able to release for bids.

He further reported that they were currently working on the survey and design phase of the new pumping station to service the new jail/justice center, and was working on the funding project for the raw water intake and water plant upgrades, which should be ready to bid by spring.  He also reported that they were working with the insurance company to pull the final pieces together on the raw water intake repairs, that new motors had been replaced, and the pumps are being reworked.

Danny Hayes asked about the status of the CDBG grant application, and Bennett said that they should hear something in October, and while this was always a very competitive issue, felt good about Jamestown’s chances of being approved.

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