Jamestown Awarded $6.7 Million Airport Grant

By Jacob E. Rosenbaum

The Jamestown City Council met on Monday, May 13, 2019. A brief agenda was covered, which included the announcement of the receipt of a $6.7 million Federal Aviation Administration grant for the Jamestown Municipal Airport. In addition, the Council approved a motion to provide information regarding the operation of the Jamestown Water Department with Tennessee American Water, a large utility company that is making inquiries about the City’s water system.

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Lyndon Baines and the roll call showed that all five Aldermen were present. City Recorder Gail Dishmon then read the minutes of the Board’s April meeting, which were then approved unanimously on a motion by Vaneesa Matthews, seconded by Jeni Ledbetter.

The Council then opened the floor for comments or grievances from citizens. On the agenda to speak was Patria Nash with the Fentress County Farmer’s Market, who gave an update on the Farmer’s Market’s recent activities, and thanked the Council for allowing them to  set up on the square at the Walker parking lot. Nash said that this move had greatly improved the visibility of the Farmer’s market, and that they had had several new customers as a result of this. Nash then asked if the Farmer’s Market could be allowed to continue to sell their goods on the square for the ramainder of the season with the exception of weekends when events were being held there. A motion to grant Ms. Nash’s request was made by Jeni Ledbetter, seconded by Charles Cooper and was given the Council’s full blessing. No other comments or grievances were voiced.

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