Jamestown and Fentress County Partner for 2019 Earth Day Clean-Up

Monday, April 22, 2019, was Earth Day, which is observed each year and serves to remind everyone of the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy environment. In acknowledgement of this, Fentress County Government, led by the County Executive’s Office, partnered with the City of Jamestown for a clean up event at the Fentress County Courthouse Monday morning. Employees and elected officials took up the tools and got to work picking up litter and beautifying the courthouse lawns and parking lots.

While serving as an Earth Day initiative, the project also presented an opportunity for local government to get the square ready for the upcoming Heritage Days event sponsored by the Fentress County Historical Society which will be taking place this weekend, on Friday evening, April 26, and Saturday, April 27, for which a large crowd is expected.

“We decided to get together and do this cleanup event, and we’re really pleased with the progress we’ve made today.” said Jamestown Mayor Lyndon Baines following the clean-up on Monday. “We’ve got an event coming up this weekend sponsored by the Historical Society and we are expecting a lot of people so we really wanted the square to look good. The square is really an asset to our community, we’re in the process of trying to get it designated as an historical district, since we have so much history here, and if we can do that then we will be able to qualify for additional grant funding to help local business in the downtown area. We always want people to come and visit our downtown, and so its our job to make it as attractive as possible.”

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