Jacob Garrett Weighs In County Record 870-lb. Pumpkin at Fair

After the Gary Volkenand family dominated the Fentress County Fair Giant Pumpkin Contest for ten years, the Wade and Kevin Garrett families of Mt. Helen have emerged with the top entries for the second year in a row.

In the Giant Pumpkin Contest on August 20th, the Garrett family took all the prize money, as Doug Garrett took the top prize in the watermelon division with a 105-lb. entry, cousin Jacob Garrett exhibited a giant 870-lb. Pumpkin — the largest ever entered in the Fair and a new Fentress County record; while Wade Garrett took second place in the pumpkin contest.

The Giant Pumpkin Contest is sponsored annually by the Fentress County Fair Association and the Fentress County Farm Bureau.

This year’s committee consists of Dwayn Delk, Larry Cooper, and Gary Volkenand, who expressed their appreciation to Ralph Smith and Fentress Farmers Co-Op for providing the scales, tractor and lift for the event.

The Giant Pumpkin Contest began in 1989 with the late Jim Asberry weighing in — at that time– what was considered to be a giant weighing 193 pounds.

The weight went up 100 pounds the next year, as George Killgore weighed in a 293-pound entry in 1990

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