J. Michael Cross Seeks Re-Election As Fentress County Executive

J. Michael Cross, County Executive, announced this week that he will seek re-election in the August 2nd Election. In making the announcement, he issued the following statement:

“First, let me say thank you to the Citizens of Fentress County for giving me the opportunity to serve as Fentress County Executive for the last four years. It has been an honor and a privilege as well as a very humbling experience. In these four years, we have worked diligently to pass a balanced budget, reduce County debt, spend conservatively, keep our taxes low (NO tax increases in four years) and to have clean and clear audits. A few of our many successful projects include; erecting an emergency communications tower in the Clarkrange community, building an “Emergency Shelter” in the Pall Mall Community, demolition of the “Old Jail”, the “Courthouse Beautifi-cation Project”, replacing the roofs on the Courthouse and the Ambulance Service and securing almost $2 Million in Grants for the County.

We are continuing to focus on the Highway 127 Project, obtaining four-wheel-drive ambulances for the county and “Industrial Recruit-ment”. In these four years, we “Survived” “Ice Storm Pandora” and its cleanup, 2016’s snow storm “Jonas”, an attempt by a disturbed individual to make the Courthouse a drive-thru facility, and the transition to a new Sheriff Appointment. I want to particularly thank two members of our “Team” for their outstanding effort throughout these experiences, Executive Assistant Amanda Hicks and County Attorney Leslie Ledbetter. Additionally, we have worked hard to make sure that Fentress County Government is in complete compliance with all State and Federal Mandates, Policies and Directives.”

Cross continued with: “My wife Barbara and I are active in the Music Ministry at Clarkrange Baptist Church. We have three Daughters, six Grandkids, and numerous little urchins (Great Grandkids) who refer to me as “Pa”. Church, Family and Friends are VERY important to us. My former experiences (30 years) as Teacher, Coach and Administrator have provided me with a broad range of experiences that have prepared me for this role.

When re-elected, we will continue to serve ALL citizens of our county, and continue to practice open and transparent government. In the last four years, I have had to make some “Hard” decisions. I will continue to do so. I thank you all in advance for your continued support. Please vote “J. Michael Cross” as Fentress County Executive.”