IN THE DARK… JRMC Clinic and Purchasing Department Without Power for Three Days as Hospital Financial Woes Continue

By Jacob E. Rosenbaum

Last week, reports began circulating that the clinic at Jamestown Regional Medical Center, located on Duncan Street, had lost power due to a lack of payment of the electric bill. Sources have since confirmed that the electric meter was removed by VEC on Monday, April 29, due to lack of payment. The facility, which houses a number of part time clinics as well as the  hospital’s purchasing department, remained without power until Thursday, May 2, when it was restored.

The incident comes just two months after JRMC’s administration reassured the public that steps were being taken to improve the financial situation of the hospital. At that time, reports were circulating concerning funding shortages for a number of service contracts, as well as employees experiencing issues with their paychecks.

As a result of this most recent incident, sources have said that certain physicians are, at least for now, refusing to admit their patients to JRMC, or to see patients in the clinic, due to safety concerns.

Although inquires have been made by members of the local news media, the administration of JRMC has consistently been unavailable for comment.

A number of local residents have expressed their concerns about these troubling events both to the local news media as well as to members of local government, who are presently making efforts to assist in the situation, but who have limited capabilities to do so as JRMC is owned by Rennova Health, a private company.

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