Hubert Lester Is State Bowling Coach of the Year

HUBERT-LESTERYork Institute Bowling Coach Hubert Lester was recently recognized by the Nashville Tennessean newspaper as Division I Coach of the Year.
In his first season, Lester guided the York Lady Dragons to a 19-1 season mark and the Division I state title with a 18.5-8.5 win over two-time defending champion Hardin County.
This was only the second state championship in any sport for the school.  York practiced in Crossville, 45 minutes from Jamestown, because its bowling center was being renovated for most of the season.
“It was real good for the school and the morale and there was a lot of excitement around it.  We had five senior girls that were starters, and I think it was them that made us so good,” Lester said.  “It was a little bit of a hardship not having a hometown bowling alley, but it was just something that we knew we were going to have to do