How To Cook A Turkey?


The following recipes on how to cook a turkey were submitted by the pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and first grade students.

While we do not recommend you try them, they are quite amusing.

Small World Daycare

Mrs. Jessica’s Class

I am going to get a turkey from the forest. I will put everything on it. I will take it to McDonalds and cook it for 30 minutes. Then mix it all up into a turkey sandwich.

Eliza Clayborn

Go get a turkey at the ice-cream stand. Take it home and cook it for 4 days. I will eat it with sissy.

Easton Greer

My daddy is going to pick up a turkey. I am going to put glue on it and mommy will put crackers on it. Cook it for 2 minutes and sit it on the table.

Caysen Cooper

Mommy and daddy will get a turkey from a farm. Put cookies and ketchup on it and cook it like a rooster for 5 minutes.

Autumn Bowden

Me and daddy will get a turkey from school. We will cut it in half. Mommy will put bologna on it and cook it in our kitchen.

Trey Tevepaugh

Daddy will get a turkey from Walmart. Momma will put cinnamon on it. Cook it in the stove (stoves are really hot) for 20 seconds. Get it out and eat it with Tripp.

Layla Matthews

Daddy will shoot a turkey in the woods and take it to the house.  Cut it with a knife that mommy cuts the boxes with. Mommy will get a grill and cook it outside.

Dooley Green

Mommy and daddy will get a turkey from the garage store. Put it by the fridge and put butter and sprinkles on it. Cook it in the stove till it is done.

Levi Allen

Pa Freddy will get it from the store. Cut it up at my house. Put cupcake icing on it. Put it in the microwave and cook it 7 times.

Obadiah Heddings

Mommy is going to get the turkey at the park. Put ketchup and taters on it and cook it in the oven for 2 hours.

Amelia Pryor

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