How To Cook A Turkey?

EDITOR’S NOTE:  The following recipes on how to cook a turkey were submitted by the pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and first grade students.  While we do not recommend you try them they are quite amusing.

Allardt Elementary Jeanna Cobb’s


Put pumpkins in the turkey with a little salt, add strawberries and rice Krispie’s. Put pepper on it and put it in the oven for one minute.

Conner Haley

Put it on a stove for 13 minutes and I would put  butter, brown sugar, salt, pepper, and ranch on it.

Ivorie Short

Put salt, vinegar put in oven cook 3 minutes on medium.

Landen Robbins

I would go buy a turkey at the store. Bring turkey home and clean it with water. Lay it in pan and put in oven. Cook it for 20 minutes at 100°. Cut it up and eat it with vegetables.

Emma Hicks

First you go to the woods and shoot a turkey. Next take off all its feathers then cut it up. Now get a pan. Put the turkey on the pan. Put some salt and pepper on it Put bacon bits on it. Put it on the grill. Cook it on a real hot fire for 89 minutes. Eat it with beans, sweet potatos and corn. Have some water with it.

Hannah Stephens

First, I would go out to the woods and kill a turkey. Then I would bring it home and cook it on the stove. I would put some salt and pepper on it before it was cooked. When it was all done I would cut it all up were we could eat it.

Ryder Smith

First you get the water boiling. Then you put the turkey in. Cook the turkey for 25 min at 500 degrees. When the turkey is done pull the basket up with a mitten. Let the turkey cool off because it will be so hot. Cut it up with a very sharp knife and eat it with a fork. It taste yummy and fills you up. Then you go to sleep.

Jakob Conatser

You go to the store to get a turkey then go home to cook it, you take some salt, peanut butter, 6 cups of milk and pour it over the turkey and bake it at 99 degrees for 16 minutes and eat it with mommy, daddy and Camo.

Lydia Crabtree

Go to store buy a turkey. Bring it home and put it in a pan. Put in oven and cook it for 20 minutes at 25°. Then cut it up and eat it with my family.

Andrew Hicks

Buy the turkey from the store. Remove the wrapper. Rub it down with salt and pepper. Then deep fry it. Then you eat it.

Zoe Gibson

Go hunting. Shoot a turkey. Take it’s feathers off. Put in a pot, and deep fry it for 10 minutes. Then you eat it.

Adriana Adkins

Daddy and I wake up early to go hunting, And in just a few minutes I kill the best Thanksgiving turkey we’ve ever had. Now on back home to cook for the family. First, we pluck the feathers and skin it. We then cover the turkey in bacon and ketchup. Then we cook the turkey for 25 minutes in a 25 degree oven. When the turkey is done we all sit around the table, we say grace, then start eating dinner. When dinner is over, we clean up by throwing plates and silverware away. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays; lots of food and lots of family.

Joshua Edwards

First you kill a turkey. Then you put it in the oven for 59 minutes at 95°. Then you get it out and chop its head off and squirt the turkey with ketchup. Then you eat it.

Maggie Brannon

Get a raw turkey and put it in the oven. Cook it at 350 degrees. You get an injector and poke it in the turkey. Then you eat it with your family.

Love, Jayden Allen

Get the turkey from the store. I will salt it. It will be seven pounds. I will cook it at my house in the oven. I will eat it with mommy.

Austin Watson

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