Hospital “Taking Steps to Improve Conditions”

By Jacob E. Rosenbaum

Recent weeks have seen a number of troubling reports regarding the financial situation of Jamestown Regional Medical Center. While no official statements were given, the reports included information regarding funding shortages for a number of service contracts, as well as employees experiencing issues with their paychecks. It is also now known fact that Lynette Evans, long-serving CEO of Jamestown Regional, tendered her resignation in January and is now no longer with the hospital. As a result of these reports, rumors began to circulate that the hospital might soon close its doors.

On Thursday, February 7th, Courier staff reached out to JRMC to ascertain the truth of the situation, and better understand the facility’s circumstances.

Following the resignation of Mrs. Evans, Dr. Angel Guialde, of Rennova Health, was appointed as Interim Chief Executive Officer, and when asked about the hospital’s current standing, issued the following statement:

“We are taking steps to improve the economic condition of the hospital. Rennova  is securing funding for future operations, and we are hopeful for a quick turn around.

We are absolutely not closing, we are moving forward. In fact, we are looking into opening new service lines, such as a new critical care unit, a new Geri-Psych unit, and a new pain management unit, and I mean real pain management, like procedures to eliminate pain, not just giving people pills.

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