Hospital Must Re-Open to Earn Medicare Approval

By Jacob E. Rosenbaum

Less than a week after a  misleading story was published by WBIR stating that Jamestown Regional Medical Center’s Medicare reinstatement had been denied, it now seems that there may be some hope for the hospital to re-open.

The original story published by WBIR on August 13 did say that JRMC’s appeal had been denied. WBIR later corrected the story, saying that it had been provided with misinformation, and that the appeal was still pending, and had simply not been approved.

The most recent insight into the situation at JRMC came on Monday, August 2019, in a press release from the facility, which contained the first piece of positive news regarding the hospital since the start of 2019. According to the PR, JRMC’s application has been recommended for approval to the Tennessee Department of Health by the CMS contractor handling the appeal, Palmetto GBA. The relevant text of the press release reads:

From:       Jamestown  Regional  Medical  Center,  A  Rennova  Health  Company 

We  are  pleased  to  confirm  that  Palmetto  GBA,  a  CMS-­‐Contracted  Medicare  Administrative  Contractor  has   confirmed  completion  of  its  assessment  of  our  application  to  reactivate  our  Medicare  enrollment  and  has   made  a  recommendation  for  approval  to  the  Tennessee  Department  of  Health. 

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