Highway 127 Project Delayed Until This Fall

In spite of recent projections from TDOT that the Highway 127 project would begin in Fentress County in the spring of this year, a recent report from the department has said that the time frame has been moved back due to unforeseen right of way acquisition issues, and that it is more likely that the project will begin this fall, instead of in the spring. According to County Executive Jimmy Johnson, he was recently notified of the delay by TDOT officials, but was not immediately told why. According to Johnson, the state legislators he spoke to afterwards, had also not been informed, and a meeting was scheduled with TDOT offiicials to explain the delay.

“Representative Keisling called a meeting with myself, Cumberland County Mayor Allen Foster, Representative Windle, Senator Yager and TDOT representatives, including the Commissioner,” said Fentress County Executive Jimmy Johnson. We just wanted to know why the project had been set back because initially they said we were going to start last fall, then they said this spring, and then we got a letter saying that it had been pushed until October of this year, with no reasoning as to why.”

Johnson said that, during the meeting held last Thursday, that he had been told the first leg of the project, in Cumberland County, is scheduled to begin in late summer, and will move on to Fentress County this fall.

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