High-Speed Chase Suspect Faces Multiple Charges

As has been reported, a high speed police pursuit took place in Jamestown  the morning of Tuesday, April 30, 2019, which concluded on Central Ave., in front of Medi-Thrift Pharmacy.

The suspect, identified as Don A. Stephens II, of Knoxville reportedly tried to run over two police officers in his attempt to evade justice. Smith was originally found at Wal-Mart, and injured  one officer while evading arrest. He then fled the scene and hid behind A-Team Heating and Cooling, and, when discovered, attempted to run over another officer while fleeing. He headed north on Norris Street, turned right on N. York Highway, turned south at the bypass, then turned back west on Hwy. 52,  and traveled through downtown Jamestown at a high rate of speed before eventually being apprehended near Medi-Thrift.

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