Hidden Treasures of the 127 Sale

Each year for the past twenty plus years, during the first weekend of August, the ever-growing invasion occurs.  Thousands of people from all across the nation traverse the Highway 127 Corridor from Ohio to Alabama to participate in the World’s Longest Yard Sale.
Scavengers, explorers, vendors and just the plain ole curious folk flood the rural “backroads” in search of that one elusive item which possibly is “priceless” to them and a “piece of junk” to anyone else.
They rumble through tents, shade-tree setups, garages, shops and roadside pull-offs, scouring like a half-starved coyote foraging for glassware, artwork, toys, tools and untold varieties of antiques…….anything and everything imaginable!  Each one of these so-called bargain shoppers or adventurers are unique and vary in their personalities as much as their sought-after prey varies.  Many have that special trained eye (comparable to that of our local red-tailed hawks) which can spot a much wanted item from a moving vehicle which is hidden under a pile of items, on a table three tents removed from the highway.  Others must deliberately plunder over an hour touching, turning, eyeing and even searching the internet to determine if it is a “must-have article that they can’t live without.” Read More Of The Story In This Weeks Fentress Courier