Health Dept. Provides Update on Local COVID-19 Situation

Fentress County Health Department Director Andy Langford, in a press conference held Thursday, April 2, provided information concerning the COVID-19 situation in Fentress County, as well as urging the citizens of Fentress County to comply with the public health requests laid out in the most recent executive orders signed by Governor Bill Lee last week.

In  just two weeks, coronavirus cases in Tennessee have gone from 500 to well over 3,500, and more cases are being discovered every day. As a result, over 60 people have lost their lives statewide.

While the spike in confirmed cases is unsettling, public health officials have explained that this occurrence is largely due to the proliferation of testing, and that the increased availability of tests is what has made the number of cases appear to surge. 

While the availability of testing is certainly responsible for the increased number of confirmed cases, this does not mean that there are fewer cases than are being represented by the numbers. In fact, it means quite the opposite: there are more cases that have yet to be confirmed.

What’s more, several reports regarding the accuracy of the currently available tests have suggested, based on research, that the tests are not always accurate, with some sources claiming the false negative result percentage as being as high as 50%.

According to Fentress County Health Department Director Andy Langford, there are now two (2) confirmed cases of coronavirus in Fentress County. 

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