Hall Family Pharmacy Announces “MedSafe” To Dispose Of Unused or Outdated Medicines

HallPharmacyIMG_0842Hall Family Pharmacy has announced a new service which will allow local citizens a safe and easy way to dispose of outdated or unused medicine.

In announcing this service last week, Philip Hall, Pharm. D, commented: “We are happy to bring this service to our community. Consumers will now have an easy way to dispose of unused medications. This will cut down on issues regarding poisoning and prescription drug misuse.

“There has been one set up at the jail.  There will continue to be such a device at the Justice Center, but having one in a pharmacy/medical setting is more convenient for people and it provides a less intimidating environment.

“As we grow our company, we want to have one of these devices at each location,” Hall continued.

“Our family took part in lobbying the DEA and state legislatures to adopt rules allowing pharmacies to be collection points. Early this year, the laws were amended to allow pharmacist to help. Until now, local pharmacist could not take back expired or meds for disposal. It was against DEAregulations.

“It bothers me that few people in our profession were pushing to get the DEA to use pharmacies as a resource for getting unused and hazardous items off the street. I am proud we worked with the folks at the state and national levels to initiate this program.

“MedSafe at Hall Family Pharmacy is a collection point for unused or expired medications. Simple things like this can make such a difference in our community’s drug problems. I assure you that the agencies and individuals who supported our efforts will be watching. They may be surprised that it only took something this simple to help clean up communities fighting drug problems. I hope we can prove this to be a success.

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