Flat Track Racing Saturday, May 30

The Fentress County Fair Association will be sponsoring their Motorcycle and ATV  Technical & Flat Track Racing on Saturday, May 30 at the Fentress County Fairgrounds.

The event will feature 26 classes from the battery-powered bikes and ATVs all the way up to the open money classes.  The open money classes will all have a 100% payback.  All other classes will pay $35 for first place, $25 for second, and $20 for third place.

Gates open at 3:00 p.m.

Racing order will be available prior to race.

Following is a list of the classes:

*1. Battery powered vehicle (Circle).

*2. 0-60cc ATV.

*3. 0-50cc Motorcycle Stock

*4. 0-90cc  ATV  Stock

*5.0-50cc Motorcycle Modified.

*6. 0-90cc Motorcycle.

7. 0-65cc Motorcycle (2-stroke)

8. 0-200cc ATV (2-stroke, Blaster)

9. 110cc 4-Stroke Motorcycle

10. 350cc ATV.

11. 0-105cc (2 stroke) or 0-150 (4-stroke)Motorcycle.

12. Powder Puff – ATV.

13. Powder Puff Motorcycle

14.250cc 2-stroke or 400cc 4-stroke.

15. 450cc ATV.

16.400cc Money (100% payback) (TT or FT Riders’ choice).

17.Flat Track ATV Money (100% payback).

18. Beginner ATV.

19. Open ATV.(any cc)

20.TT ATV Money (100% payback)

21.200cc 2-stroke, 250cc 4-stroke, 250cc Motorcycle.

22.250cc 2-stroke, 450cc 4-stroke Motorcycle.

23. Open Motorcycle (any cc)

24.Motorcycle Flat Track, Money, 100% payback.

25. Beginners Motorcycle.

26. Motorcycle TT Money (100% Payback).

100% Payback in all money Classes.  (Pay Out to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in all other classes.

*Classes are being run on Technical Track unless noted with an *

For more information, call Brandon at 931-704-5017 or Cindy at 931-397-6363.