First Volunteer Bank Gives $20,000 Donation to Harvest Soup Kitchen!

First Volunteer Bank recently donated $20,000 to the Harvest Soup Kitchen to go towards the completion of the building. The Handfuls of the Harvest Board of Directors hopes to open the soup kitchen by Thanksgiving of this year. Pictured from left to right: Ben Smoker, Danny Hailey, First Volunteer Bank Vice President and Market Leader Genger Norman, First Volunteer Bank Vice President and Market Leader Kevin Hughes, Handfuls of the Harvest Founder Clarice Hounshell, First Volunteer Bank Executive Vice President Delilah Clark, Brenda Allred, and Billy Jennings Sr.

Issues Challenge to Local Businesses to Support Completion of Project

By Jacob E. Rosenbaum

A Fentress County bank helped answer several prayers last week by giving a sizeable donation to a local  Christian charity mission. The Harvest Soup Kitchen has been under construction for some time, and is nearing completion, but each step of the project has been funded by donations from the community, and more work is needed in order to finish the project.

Fortunately, First Volunteer Bank saw this need, and chose to take action, which came in the form of a hefty $20,000 donation towards the facility’s completion.

“You could have knocked me over with a feather,” said Hounshell when asked how she felt after getting the donation. “$20,000! Can you believe it? I think it’s incredible,” she continued. “When they called me to come up to First Volunteer I had no idea this was coming, and when they told me I just broke down because it’s so wonderful. We are so very grateful to First Voluynteer for their support. God is Good!”

The Harvest Soup Kitchen is part of Hounshell’s outreach ministry which focuses on assisting the poor and vulnerable in Fentress County. She opened the Handfuls of the Harvest Mission almost 15 years ago, and the Mission has operated Handfuls of the Harvest Thrift Store on Gaudin Avenue for several years now. Hounshell said that the soup kitchen project has been gaining traction for approximately 7 years in order to reach this stage. The current hope is that the soup kitchen will be open by this Thanksgiving.

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