Fireman Arrested for Theft of Fire Dept. Equipment

A Fentress County man has been arrested following an investigation into the theft of a number of items from the Jamestown and Pall Mall Volunteer Fire Halls.

On June 25, 2018, individuals with the East Jamestown Fire Department came to the Sheriff’s Departments to report items that were stolen from the fire hall. The stolen items included two Stihl chainsaws and a push-mower, valued at over $1,000.00. On July 9, 2018, Assitant Fire Chief Scott King called the Jamestown Police Department to report items that were stolen from the Jamestown Fire Hall. Mr. King came to the Sheriff’s Department that same day to inform the detectives that he had contacted other local fire departments and asked them to check for missing items since the two reports had been made so close together. On the same day, Mr. Charlie Kerns of the Pall Mall Fire Department reported that had two Stihl chainsaws, a Stihl trimmer, and a pressure washer missing. The combined value of these items was over $1,000.00. During the time of the initial report, investigators learned that Mr. Casey Eugene Haley, a Fentress County Fireman, had taken two chainsaws to the East Jamestown Fire Hall to replace the stolen items. A search of the serial numbers revealed that one of the chainsaws had been reported stolen from the District 4 Forestry Division. Investigators looked further into Mr. Haley to find that he had pawned a chainsaw with serial numbers matching one of those stolen from the Jamestown Fire Hall.

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