Fentress County School District, Pine Haven and Allardt Elementary Schools Recognized As Exemplary By TN Dept. Of Education

The Fentress County Board of Education met on Monday, January 8 and took up a number of important school issues. Following the call to order by Board Chairman Gary Tinch the Board approved the minutes of their December meeting.

Moving to monetary matters, the Board moved to accept a bid from Action Heating and Cooling   in the amount of $162,715 to replace several HVAC units for local schools.

The next item of business was to approve a bid to acquire new school buses. Board member Russ Stephens made a motion to accept the bid from Central States for two Blue Bird buses, one 78 passenger and one 30 passenger, totalling $143,996. The motion was seconded by Bill Cody and received unanimous support.

The Board then considered an administrative services agreement from Stellar Services, which currently provides these services to the BOE. A motion to accept the agreement was made by Russ Stephens and seconded by Lynette Pritchett and was approved without opposition.

The final monetary action taken by the Board was to approve a dilineation change within the Food Services Budget adding the amount of $403 to the Commodity Rebate line. This action was unanimously agreed upon.

Under new business the Board considered a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) between themselves and the Fentress County Education Association. A motion to approve the MOU was made by Board member Karen Cooper and seconded by Lynette Pritchett and was supported by the entire Board.

Director of Schools Mike Jones was then recognized by the Board and he informed them that Allardt Elementary School and Pine Haven Elementary School had recently been recognized as Exemplary Schools by the Tennessee Department of Education. In addition, the Fentress County School District as a whole had been recognized as an Exemplary School District.

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