Fentress 4-H Livestock Judging Team Takes State Championship

L-R: Rachel Bennett, Macy Waters, McKinley Waters, and John Gunter.

Hard work always pays off.  On June 6th, in Knoxville, Tennessee at the State 4-H Livestock Judging Contest, validation for hard work came in the form of a State Championship for the Fentress County Senior 4-H Livestock Judging Team, a feat that had only been done here in Fentress County in 1964.

Countless hours of sorting livestock, road trips, oral reasons, and sacrifice were put into this huge win.    We are so proud of this group for their efforts; the team came together to win the Regional Livestock judging Competition in September of 2016.  They defeated 32 other teams from East Tennessee to do so.  There was a prominent goal in mind after finishing 5th in the State last year…. WIN IT ALL.  That’s exactly what happened!

At the State 4- H Contest, there are 4 teams from each Region in the State.  The Fentress County Team had the 1st (McKinley Waters), 5th (Macy Waters), and 20th (Rachel Bennett) high individuals in the state competition. This team competed in the Keystone International Livestock Judging Contest in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in the fall, and came in 7th in the country.  That contest was great preparation for our state contest.

The team will now begin preparation for the National Championship at The North American International Livestock Competition in Louisville, Kentucky in November. They will be competing in several contests in the Southeast this fall in preparation.  Thanks to all who have supported and encouraged this group in their effort to bring home the gold in Louisville in the fall.