Exhibitors, Musicians, And Storytellers Part of Heritage Day Roundup Saturday, May 2

The 25th Annual Heritage Day Roundup has “lengthened their stakes and strengthened their cords” for the 2015 event taking place between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm Saturday, May 2nd at York Elementary School.

This year, the Historical Society will also be selling plate lunches with choice of chicken quarters or pulled pork bar-b-que with baked beans, cold slaw, dessert and drink for $6.00. Exhibiters will be set up on the outside of York Elementary on the East parking area. All other activities will take place inside the cafeteria.

Exhibiters will range from blacksmithing to sketch artist Ricky Wright and others, to crocheting, embroidery, to woodworking, chair bottoming demonstrations, how to make a canjo,  and white oak basket making. All exhibiters will have items they have made for sale.

Musicians will include Leonard Anderson, Casey Crabtree and the Fentress County Blue Grass Boys, Denise Reagan, and members of Heartstrings.

Storytellers include Linda Konig, Peggy Sawyer, Jim Buck, Patsy Littrell and Kathy Williams.

A variety of displays and exhibits inside will broaden the theme of “Old Fashion Crafts, Music and Art Forms, and unusual ways of “making do” with what could be made by hand around the home and on the farm in the 19th and 20th centuries.


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Celebrating our 25th Year of Roundup!


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