End of Year Budget Amendments, Generator Are Commission Topics

The Fentress County Com-mision met for the final time of the 2016-17 fiscal year on Thursday, June 29, 2017 and took action an several year-end budget amendments, plus voting to purchase a generator from E-911 for the fire departments, and filled a position on the audit committee.

With all members present except J.P. Reagan, the meeting was called to order by County Executive J. Michael Cross, followed by the pledge to the flag and opening prayer, after which Executive Cross announced that Bryant Johnson, who had recently been appointed to the Fentress Co. Industrial Development Board, and resigned from the county audit committee, and recommended that David Ramsey be appointed to replace Johnson on the committee.

This was approved with all present voting for.

The commission then approved year-end budget amendments for the following departments, most of which involved making line-item transfers within the budgets.

Library – $590.00, to allow for acceptance of funds donated in memory of long -time library patron Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, who recently passed away.

E-911 – $5,000.00, for Emergency Management.

Children’s Center of the Cumberlands –  $500.00 Litigation Tax Collections.

Senior Citizens Center – $465.41 – June Revenues.

County Commission – $6,250.00 – Legal Services and Other Charges.

Election Commission – $1,092.97 – Social Security, State Retirement, Unemploy-ment Compensation and Employer Medicare.

Register of Deeds – $1,525.00 – Medical Insurance.

Archives – $40.00 for extra work by employee.

County Clerk – $246.60 – Part-time personnel.

Circuit Court Clerk – $2,014.45 – Jury and Witness Fees and Unemployment compensation.

Sheriff’s Department – $2,463.16 – Other Salaries and Wages and Gasoline.

Fentress Co. Jail – $118,410.23, for Jail Cafeteria Personnel, Jail Medical Insurance, Jail Unemploy-ment Compensation, and Jail Medical and Dental.

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