Drugs Seized, Three Arrested In Early Monday Morning Raid

Shown above are part of the drugs and drug paraphernalia, along with over $700 in cash, which were seized in a drug raid early Sunday morning, which resulted in three arrests.

An early Monday morning raid netted local law enforce-ment officers more than 17 grams of Methamphetamine and other drugs and resulted in the arrest of three subjects.

According to a report from the Fentress Co. Sheriff’s Department, shortly after 12:30 a.m. Sunday, September 24, officers from the Sheriff’s Department and Jamestown Police Dept. went to a residence off of Copley Lane to serve an outstanding arrest warrant.

As officers pulled up to the house they encountered three subjects in a blue Chevrolet pickup truck sitting in the driveway.  As the officers approached, one of the subjects appeared to become very nervous and started moving about the vehicle. Lying on the hood of the vehicle in plain view was a small brown bag which contained syringes.

The officers then asked the driver of the vehicle for permission to search, and verbal consent was obtained.

After a short search, officers discovered a small brown metal box lying in the seat, and sticking out of the box were several small bags.  After opening the box, it was found to contain several small bags with a crystal-like substance that field tested positive for Methamphetamine, and also one larger bag with a crystal like substance that also field tested positive for Meth.

A set of scales,  tools to distribute Methampheta-mine and several empty small bags were found.  A total of 17.5 grams of Methamphetamine was seized, along with one morphine pill and $792.00 were seized.

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