Drugs Seized in Justice Center Parking Lot

By Jacob E. Rosenbaum

Monday Morning, July 16, a quantity of methamphetamine as well as a sizable sum of money was seized from the vehicle of a parolee in the parking lot of the Fentress County Justice Center.

Ms. Shanna M. Turner, 47, of 851 Northside Drive, Jamestown was meeting with her parole officer, Mr. Steve Melhorn at the Fentress County Justice Center when Officer Melhorn asked officers Anthony Gunter and Lance Stephens to conduct a parole search on Ms. Turner and her vehicle. Upon searching the vehicle they found a plastic bag in the glove box that contained a crystal like substance that officers believed to be methamphetamine. Found in Ms. Turner’s purse was a black pouch that contained $1,300, as well as  $178 in various other locations in her purse. Officers conducted a field test on the crystalline substance, and confirmed that it was in fact methamphetamine and was of a total weight of 5.7 grams.

Also found in Ms. Turner’s purse was a suboxone strip, a Schedule III Controlled Substance.

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