DON’T DRIVE! RIDE THE BUS! Fentress Co. First Annual Ride the Bus Campaign

Bus Ride

The month of October has been designated as Ride the Bus Month.  At the end of October, any student who rode the bus (even just once) during that month will receive a treat from Dairy Queen or McDonald’s.  For the past several years, our local bus transportation numbers have been dropping.  Transportation costs for the maintenance of the daily use of these buses are the same whether they are transporting 20 students, 50 students, or more.  Fentress Co. schools receive from the state a per pupil transportation allotment.  As the number of students riding the bus drops, so does the funding for transportation.  Director of Schools Mike Jones and the entire staff of the Fentress County School System are asking that the parents/guardians of Fentress County students help by encouraging your child to ride the bus at least one time during the month of October.  It can be the morning or evening route, or both.  If you have questions about what bus number your child would be riding, please contact Rex Dishman, Fentress County Board of Education Transportation Supervisor, at 879-8291.