“Dog Days of Summer” Project Raises $1,000 For Nursing Home Residents’ Trip to Beach

“Lucy” and owner Denise Williams-Campfield

“Lucy” and owner Denise Williams-Campfield

On Monday morning, August 22, staff members of Buckeye Home Medical presented Signature Healthcare a check in the amount of $1,000.  In early July, Buckeye kicked off a fundraiser naming it “Dog Days of Summer.  The donation will help with taking select residents to Virginia Beach in October.  Buckeye’s wishes to thank the thirty six people who shared their dog’s photo and to all the people whom “voted” on their favorite pictures.  The dog having the most money donated was “Lucy” owned by Denise Williams-Campfield with $120 donated. Lucy was awarded a basket with toys, treats, collar and leash. We hope you enjoy Lucy’s story…

It was a very cold winter day in January 2014 when Denise Williams-Campfield got home from work and an elderly starved red tick hound was laying in her wicker sette on the front porch.   Upon getting out of the car the hound dog greeted her with a wagging tail.  Her face was white with age and she was missing many of her teeth. She had never been spayed and appeared to have given birth to many, many litters of puppies through the years. Her ribs were very visible and she looked truly mal-nourished. Her first meal was eaten like she had not been fed in weeks. Immediately the local media was notified to locate the owner and her picture was posted on social media in search for the hunter who had lost his dog.

Later that night the temperature dropped even lower and a blanket was taken out (actually taken off the bed) and draped over the dog. Weeks ahead the orphaned dog was pampered and kept warm on the cold zero temperature nights, along with frequent trips to the vet.   One man did call and thought the dog might be his but after hearing how this elderly dog was being cared for he said “if that is my dog you need to keep it because she won’t get treated like that at my house”.

Days turned into weeks and no one claimed the dog. Denise started calling the orphaned dog “Lucy” and Doug (Denise’s husband) and Lucy could see that she was falling in love with the hound dog. The new friend would always be waiting on a kind word and a pat on the head when the couple got home from work.

“My husband would try to help out with taking care of the orphaned dog but she was somewhat afraid of a man especially if he was wearing “camo” stated Williams.  After a month she knew Lucy had found her a home.  Special beds for elderly dogs were purchased, heating pads, numerous houses for the porches, feeding bowls and anything to pamper the orphaned hound dog.  Shortly after Lucy was rescued she came home with a terrible eye injury.  Unknowing if she had been in a fight with an animal or got caught on a stick it was feared she would lose her eye sight.  She made an emergency trip to the vet and surgery was required.  Concern about her age was considered but the eye had to be repaired.  After repairs to the eye she tore her eye with her paw so another surgery was required.  She wore a “cone” for about six weeks so she could not further damage her eye with a paw and was confined to the porch.   She wasn’t liking the cone but seemed to realize it was necessary. Lucy required a lot of TLC during the eye injury and she probably received more petting than ever before in her life.

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