Demolition of Old Pall Mall School, Bulletproof Vests, And Red Ribbon Week Are Co. Commission Topics

The Fentress County Com-mission met in regular monthly session on Monday, October 21 with all members present, and took action on a number of items of business in a rather routine hour-long meeting.
With all members present and following the call to order by Chairman/Executive Frank Smith, presentation of Colors by Clarkrange JROTC Color Guard, the Pledge to the Flag led by Commissioner Leonard Bilbrey, and opening prayer by Commissioner Ray Buck, the first order of business were approval of Notaries and approval of the minutes of the July, August and September meetings.
Richard Cross of the E-911 Service then addressed the commission, asking for authority to change providers for the NCIC Machine service, which would result in savings of $5,525 per year.  This was approved on a motion by Rodney Jones, seconded by Leonard Bilbrey.
Budget amendments were then approved for several of the county departments, most involving acceptance of insurance reimbursement and recovery.
They approved a budget amendment for the Fentress County Board of Education General Purpose School Fund 141 of $154,850 for the purchase of 190 new laptop computers for teachers from Technology Express instead of leasing them from Dell.
Next, the approved a budget amendment in the County Miscellaneous fund 101 for $1,000 to cover the cost of testing under the county’s new Drug-Free Workplace program.  The program saved the county over $5,000 on the cost of worker’s compensation insurance, so the testing will be more than paid for in premium savings.
They then approved a budget amendment for the Office of Property Assessor of $3,789.09 to allow them to accept this amount of reimbursement from the City of Jamestown for their share of the cost of change notice cards and postage to mail these cards.

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