“Day-to-Day” Hospital Remains Open Following Near Shut Down

By Jacob E. Rosenbaum

Jamestown Regional Medical Center remains operational for the time being following a near shut-down last Thursday, May 16.  Reports began circulating at midday that the hospital would close at sundown. Many individuals and news entities took these reports at face value and word spread rapidly that the hospital’s end was near.

We now know that the reports of JRMC’s imminent closing were true, at least at the time they were circulated.

According to State Representative John Mark Windle, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) which administer Medicare and Medicaid, had given Rennova Health, the company who owns JRMC, an ultimatum earlier on Thursday, that being to close voluntarily by sundown that day, or to be closed down involuntarily immediately thereafter. The reason for the ultimatum has been revealed to be a lack of payment of an IRS lien against the hospital for unpaid taxes.

Much of Thursday afternoon at the hospital was spent in preparations for a shut down, as several of the hospital’s patients were transferred to other facilities. All available information indicates that had it not been for a ninth hour transaction that the facility would have shuttered.

In order to keep the hospital open, Rennova cut a check to the IRS in an undisclosed amount, and sent a copy of said check to CMS as proof of payment late Thursday afternoon. Though the amount paid was unspecified, it seems to have been substantial enough to satisfy CMS and the IRS, at least for the time being.

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