Darlene Monday Davis Announces Candidacy For Jamestown Mayor

Darlean Davis img585Darlene Monday Davis announced  this week that she is a candidate for the office of Mayor of the City of Jamestown in the November 8th Election.

In making her announcement she stated:

“I am Darlene Monday Davis and I was born and raised one block off the courthouse square.  I AM ONE OF YOU!  I realize the needs of the City of Jamestown.  IT IS ALL ABOUT SERVICE!   I have  BS and Masters degrees from Tennessee Technological University, a former business owner of Ace Quality Control Service, and a retired teacher.  I want to serve our community by being your full time Mayor.


•be absolutely dedicated to serving the City of Jamestown.

•have an Open Door Policy.

•work towards Cooperation with all entities, businesses and the citizens to achieve progress for the City of Jamestown.

•work Aggressively to bring Improvements (city streets, sidewalks, etc) and Revitalization of the downtown area.

•continue to work Vigorously to maintain what is working and already in place.

•work to try and Resolve any Issues that matter to the citizens of Jamestown.

•support any and all Positive Ideas for the betterment of all citizens.

I am Educated, Dedicated, and Enthusiastic.  I AM READY TO GO TO WORK FOR YOU!

Vote to Elect me, Darlene Monday Davis, Jamestown City Mayor!”