Courthouse AC System Breakdown is Declared a “State of Emergency”

By Jacob E. Rosenbaum

The Fentress County Commission met on Thursday, June 28th, in a reconvened session to take action on a number of business items, many of which were budget adjustments coinciding with the end of the county’s fiscal year on June 30.

The meeting was called to order by County Executive J. Michael Cross and 2nd District Commissioner Kim Davidson led those assembled in the pledge of allegiance. 4th district Commissioner Jeff Green then led the opening prayer. Executive assistant Amanda Hicks (filling in for County Clerk Marilyn Stephens) then called the roll which showed that all ten commissioners were present.

The first item of business was the declaration of a state of emergency regarding the recent breakdown of the courthouse HVAC system. County Executive Cross read a statement which said that the 44 year old system’s compressor had completely shut down and could not be repaired. The commission then engaged in a discussion of how to address the problem in the most timely and cost-effective manner. Several different options were discussed, ranging from replacing the compressor, to replacing the entire system. Many commissioners were also keen to express their support for contracting with a local company to perform any repairs or improvements. A motion was made by Larry Cooper to affirm Mr. Cross’s state of emergency declaration and turn the matter over to the county’s building committee. The motion was seconded by Donal Williams and was carried on a vote of 10 for, none against.

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