Couple Charged With Multiple Marijuana-Related Offenses


Sheriff Tony Choate is shown with almost 9 pounds of processed marijuana, other drug-related paraphernalia and a small still seized Monday by authorities at a house on Hensley Road that resulted in the arrest of a Fentress County couple. (See story for details.)

A probation check by local authorities on Monday, February 3 resulted in multiple drug charges being lodged against a local man and his wife.

According to reports from the Fentress County Sheriff’s office, a probation officer and deputy sheriff went to 809 Moody Lane, Jamestown to conduct a probation search of the property owned by Cas A. Huffman and Ella J. Huffman.

FC02042014A1Mr. Huffman was not home at the time, but Mrs. Huffman was present and called Mr. Huffman, who returned to the residence, and allowed the officers to search the residence, where nothing was found.

Mr. Huffman was then asked about another house which he and his wife have at 1004 Hensley Road and asked for permission to search that property

Mr. Huffman told the officers that this was his wife’s house, and they would have to get permission from her.  The officers explained to Mrs. Huffman that under Mr. Huffman’s probation guide-lines, any property that he had access to was subject to search, after which she consented to the search.

The home on Hensley Road was then searched, and the search resulted in the discovery of a quantity of marijuana, other drug paraphernalia, and a small stainless steel still.

The two officers were then joined by Sheriff Tony Choate and other officers to inventory the various drug-related items.

In a closet in the house officers found a bucket of marijuana, a jar and a bottle of marijuana seeds, one marked “Real Good,” a large plastic bag containing processed marijuana, and four ziplock bags of processed marijuana.

In various other locations inside the house, officers found a pill bottle with Cas Huffman’s name on it, a mason jar containing marijuana, two tote containers containing marijuana, a quantity of rubber gloves, a food saver and 4 rolls of food saver bags, various plastic bags, a set of digital scales, a plastic bag containing plant material and other marijuana processing items.

The total amount of processed marijuana seized Monday was almost 9 pounds.

Following the investigation, arrest warrants were issued for Cas A. Huffman, 51, and Ella J. Huffman, 52, both of 806 Moody Lane, Jamestown, on charges of Possession of a Still, Possession of Unlawful Drug Paraphernalia, Manufacture of a Controlled Substance, Possession of Over 5 pounds of  Marijuana, and Criminal Conspiracy.

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