County Employees to See 25¢ Pay Raise

By Jacob E. Rosenbaum

Raises for county employees have been much discussed in recent months. The County Commission abolished the County pay scale in April, keeping only the base pay rate as a guideline, and eliminating what had been known as step raises, or annual longevity raises, for county personnel.  This led to directors of county departments and county elected officials requesting raises from the budget committee individually. Many requested a pay raise of 2% for their employees, and all were denied based on the Budget Committee’s decision to wait to approve raises until later in the Budget process, when they felt they would have a clearer idea of what the County could afford.

Although several alternatives were considered throughout the process, including a 2%  raise across the board, a 25 cent raise across the board, selective raises based on merit, or no raise at all, the most recent meeting of the County’s Budget Committee saw an agreement reached to give all county employees a raise in the amount of 25 cents per hour.

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