County Commission Meets In Busy Session Monday

The Fentress County Commission met Monday, February 20 in regular monthly session and took action on a numbr of items of business during a rather busy hour-long meeting.

Following the roll call by County Executive J. Michael Cross, the Clarkrange Color Guard presented the Colors and the Pledge to the Flag was led by Commissioner Jeff Green.

After opening prayer by Commissioner Wade Matthews, the minutes of the previous session and the notary list were approved.

A special presentation was then made to Clarkrange High School senior David Smith for his actions that saved the life of a fellow student.

The first order of business was an update on the lease of the old Tinch School property formerly occupied by Independent Opportunities, Inc, (IOI), who had vacated the facility.  On a motion by Lester Gooding, the commission approved a Request for Proposals for leasing the property.

Next, the commission approved the two-year appointment of Kim Davidson and Lester Gooding to represent Fentress Co. Government on the Audit Committee, and reappointed Phillip Horst for a 2-year term on the committee.

They then re-appointed Roy Stucker to a 4-year term to the Fentress County Planning Commission representing the 3rd District.

The next order of business was the appointment of members to the Fentress County Industrial Develop-ment Board.  Bryant Johnson was appointed to fill the seat of Tommy Duncan, who had retired, reappointed Steve Rains and Delilah Clark, and added  Rob Andrys as the 9th member of the board.

The Commission then approved a motion to approve the Budget Calendar, and also approved the July 2016 Wage scale, which reflects the corrected EMS calculations to each step of the scale.

They then voted to approve a motion to allow the Fentress County Ambulance to reconcile EMS uncollected accounts totaling $20,897.34 from the years 2005 through 2008.

The next item of busines was consideration and approval of release of the county’s right of way into the Taubert Property.  It was explained that the new owners of the property will provide a direct access point to the county for their remaining 8.5 acres of the property.

There was a resolution in the package for  consideration of a resolution to urge passage of the Improve Act by the Tennessee General Assembly, which contained an increase in fuel tax.

Budget Committee Chairman Larry Cooper said he didn’t think this was something that county government needed to be involved in, since we elected representatives to speak for us in the legislature.

Commissioner Jeff Green then said:  “I’m all for good roads, but I do not feel that this is a burden which should be placed on the local governments.

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