Council Votes For Emergency Replacement of AC/Heat System at Water Plant; Open Road Policy With THP, Insurance Evaluation

The Jamestown City Council met in a special called session on Thursday, June 18 at the Jamestown City Hall.

With all members present, the meeting was called to order by Mayor Ryan Smith, who stated that he had been looking at the city’s insurance policies, and asked the council’s permission to have the policies evaluated by an out-of-town agent who appeared to be very knowledgeable in this area.

Councilman Wayne Choate said that he did not feel that the city should be taking anything out of town, and asked that the city sit down with their local agent, who is currently Rains Agency, to discuss the policies as he felt that a local agent would be more helpful in the event of a loss or claim.

Mayor Smith said what he was trying to do was reduce the cost without reducing coverage.

One item discussed as a means of saving 5% on the insurance premiums was establishing the City of Jamestown as a Drug-Free Workplace, which some of the council members thought they had already  done,.

Following a brief discussion, the council passed the Open Road Policy, which is essentially a memorandum of understanding that the City of Jamestown Police Department will assist the Tennessee Highway Patrol.  This came on a motion by Wayne Choate, seconded by Charles Cooper, with all members voting for.

There was then some discussion concerning the heating and air conditioning system at the Jamestown Water Plant which had gone down.

Emergency bids had been obtained from three local firms to replace the system, which were read, with A-Team Heating and Cooling of Jamestown presenting the low bid of $11,270.00 for a Rudd 7.5 ton system with a gas furnace.

On a motion by Choate, seconded by Cooper, the council voted to accept the low bid from A-Team to replace the system on an emergency basis, with all the council members voting for.

The meeting then adjourned, with the next regular scheduled meeting of the council set for Monday, July 13.