Council Passes Budget, Water Rate Increase

By Jacob E. Rosenbaum

The Jamestown City Council met in a brief session on Monday, June 29 to pass the city’s budget for the upcoming fiscal year. While the council members were in agreement on most of the budget, there were some items which were debated, as well as some which were reconsidered prior to the budget’s adoption. Ultimately, the budget was passed, and included a 25% water rate increase, 

After the call to order, the Board was addressed by Fentress County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Leann Smith, who requested that the City’s contribution to the Chamber, which assists the Chamber in keeping the City Three Star compliant and helps immensely with the acquisition of grants, be restored to its initial amount of $10,000. Smith said that Three Star was just one of the many ways in which the Chamber works to assist the City in a number of ways to grow the local economy and improve the downtown area. Mayor Baines, and other members of the board expressed agreement with this, and that the contribution should be increased. 

The next item of discussion was the City’s contribution to local School Resource Officers. A consensus developed that the City should contribute $10,000 to  this, once a memorandum of understanding was drawn up by their attorney.

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