Congresswoman Diane Black’s Town Hall Meeting Well Attended

diane-blackIMG_3792Congresswoman Diane Black hosted a public town hall meeting on Monday, August 26 at 5:30 p.m. at the Fentress County Courthouse in Jamestown which was well attended.
Black, who represents the 6th Congresional District of Tennessee, opened the meeting by expressing her appreciation for the opportunity to represent this area in Washington, and presented a legislative update through a Powerpoint slide show, after which she took questions from the audience on various subjects.
During her presentation, she spoke of the national debt, which is now a staggering $16.7 trillion dollars, and noted that we have had four straight years with a budget deficit exceeding $1 trillion, the impact of which creates uncertainty, crowds out private investment, higher unemployment, inflation, depressed wages and a devalued dollar — all which threaten our social safety net.
She pointed out that the House has passed a budget reform bill which balances the budget in 10 years, raises the GPD by 1% in 2014, which amounts to $1,500 per household, raises the GPD by 3% in 10 years, creates a path for comprehensive tax reform, fully repeals Obamacare and replaces it with something more patient-oriented, and would balance the budget by 2023.
“We also need to fix our broken tax code, which is currently 4 million words long, highly complex and inefficient,”,she said, which is stunting economic growth and places an unfair burden on small business owners.”
“What we need to do is implement a comprehensive pro-growth tax reform,” she continued, “which will have the net effect of lower rates, and create 1 million new jobs the first year.”
She related to bills which the House has passed to curb government abuse and either delay or repeal certain mandates of the Obamacare Bill, which contains 20,000 pages, including the one-year delay in the employer mandate, and the Smart Border Act of 2013, which requires DHS to achieve operational control of our borders within one year.
Following the session, in an interview with local news media, Representative Black  said:  “We were extremely happy to see the large turnout tonight.  We want people to get the message that we want to hear from them and that we’re representing them in Congress. Read The Rest Of The Story In This Weeks Fentress Courier